Concrete Washout Service

Mixer Washout
Concrete Washboxes on a truck

Concrete Washout Service and wash box rental is a unique industrial washout containment system designed to hold cementitious products from construction sites which may be harmful to the environment.

Our concrete washout containers are unique design which allows for portability, ease of handling, mobility, all while offering the response time that construction managers demand, while helping contractors comply with today’s job site SWPPP’s and recycling requirements.


Portability – closed fork channels allow contractors to easily relocate pans as needed to maintain non-congested work areas.

Service – service is second to none with same day service available

Placement in difficult to access areas – Our design allows placement in areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Heavy-duty “Lifting Eyes” – With the help of its heavy-duty eyelets, our wash boxes can be used with a crane.

Extra-Wide Flange – The extra-wide flange provides strength and safety.

Tapered Design – This allows materials to be disposed of and recycled with ease

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